For all the technology
in the world…

the one bottle neck is us.

Why do we procrastinate, why do we fail at a task? We usually blame the tools that help us stay organized by saying it’s not easy to use, it’s overly complicated, or not enough features. Partly this is true. However, the real fault of a task manager is us. But there is a task manager, that is full featured, simple to use, and for the most part; free with fail safes built in to help us stay on track. These fail safes are in the form of design and simplicity.

Here’s why Wunderlist is perfect.

If you can type an email, a note, a message, you can set up a task on Wunderlist. It gives you some powerful features that most other task managers charge or have a laughable subscriptions attached to them. You can set due date along with sub tasks, assign tasks to other people, create multiple lists for different reminders and tasks, add notes and even upload files to a task. All which can be emailed or reminded in the form of notifications to yourself.

This is why I like Wunderlist, it’s a note taker, reminder, task manager and list wizard all in one application. It’s also works across platforms from web, android, iOS, windows phone (for some reason), kindle fire, to mac and windows OS. It even has an apple watch application.

Add the task
Check off when done
Add more details if you want
assign people to tasks
Share lists with people
Make it important

Wunderlist is not like the others.

There are other applications that do this, but they’re complicated, hindered by pay walls or they don’t sport as many features as Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a perfect storm of form and function in which it was designed as an open task manager. Letting you, use it the way you want. Designed in a great little package that works for each platform and for each interface. The design of this application is just phenomenal.

I use this to manage my post schedule for youtube and the blog while also utilizing it for work and creating a shopping list. You have no idea how great it is to go out shopping at the market while my significant other was adding last minute items to the shopping list and by the way… when you cross off an item, it’s in real time for anyone assigned to that task.

Wunderlist Pro… is it worth it?

In terms of pro features; it is a monthly subscription (Which I will never love subscriptions) however it’s still under $5.00 a month and the pro features really don’t lock anything but rather give you more storage for files and an unlimited amount of subtasks and assigning. While you also have a business option for $4.99 per user, if you have a small team, or it’s just you and a significant other, the free version is all you’ll ever need.

But maybe don’t, put all your eggs in one basket…

There are a multitude of reason why I love Wunderlist. The design, the ease of use and how many platforms it’s supported on but with this stellar review of the application; All good things it seems, must end.

While the Berlin based startup 6Wunderkinder created a wonderful application, they were acquired by Microsoft in 2015. In April of this year (2017) it was announced that Wunderlist will ultimately be discontinued for Microsoft’s own To-Do. While it looks like a Windows 10 version of Wunderlist, it’s being built for Office 365 and based on the preview program it’s only available on iOS, android, windows and web. So eventually the app you’re using today, will not be updated and eventually, maybe, will be abandoned.



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