Are you following these 4 tips for your online ordering system?

Best practices are essentially the components of the machine that keep any business running smoothly, so best practices for online ordering should make the most of the available technology being utilized in order to maximize sales and guarantee customer satisfaction every time! Here are a few tips we’ve compiled to help you set the standard for your business’ best practices when first starting with online ordering.

Menu Engineering Is Vital

While we’ve discussed the design of menu descriptions, colors, etc. in other articles, menu engineering is a bit different. It’s essentially taking the time to select the right dishes for delivery. This means dishes with low prep/cook times and items that travel well. This helps curtail long delivery times in the future. Even if your restaurant has an extensive menu, some of those items may not do well on-the-go, so consider eliminating them from your take-out menu.

Provide A Feast For The Eyes!

People like to see what they’ll be ordering. Include photos! Preferably ones you’ve primped and polished with the helpful tips from our food photography article.

Analyze Sales Volume

Ugh! We know, it sounds terribly corporate, but analyzing your sales volume is more than just crunching numbers. You need to take careful inventory of which menu items sell best, which ones don’t and seasonally which items perform better than others. Consider switching out certain dishes based on your findings, or adding new dishes using similar ingredients based on observed popularity.

Identify Problems And Log Resolutions

If there are any problems or snags in communication, (i.e., customers don’t realize specifics of how a dish is being transported, or didn’t realize their Summer soup would be served chilled, etc.) make a note of them and try to improve each issue that you’ve noticed you hear a lot of feedback about from customers. It’s crucial to keep good communication with customers especially on a delivery platform.

With just a few of these tips implemented, your restaurant will not only be ready to “do delivery,” but will be delivering the top-notch service and high-caliber cuisine your customers can count on.

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