Blood and beauty have long shared a gruesome bond with each other in the crazy, fevered minds of aging narcissists and the terminally vain.

From leeches to Kim Kardashian’s blood facials, many have benefited(?) from the dubious effects (read: placebo) of blood as an implement of health & beauty. Was Elizabeth Bathory one of these such people? Who knows. Honestly, she’s been dead for so long as have the only people who knew the truth…but the legend of the Blood Countess has persisted and become immortalized in pop culture with several films, novels, and yes, even this detailed figure-tribute to the Bloodbath Queen herself sealing the deal.

McFarlane Toys immortalized Countess Bathory way back in 2004 with their ‘Six Faces of Madness’ line, a macabre parade of grisly figures, each detailing some specific point of their gory respective histories. Elizabeth Bathory is the best of the line. Obviously. She would have it no other way. And here we see the Countess in all her glory, luxuriating in a crimson bath of freshly-spilled maiden blood with…oh, is that a glass of merlot? No. Just more blood. She also comes with a blood drenched dagger and an elegant candelabra with maiden heads lovingly perched high atop each prong. Silly servant girls…with their giggling and their gossip. Countess Bathory’s expression says it all. A touch of psychosis, mixed with an air of self-entitled opulence. She’s proud of herself and her beauty regimen, for it has managed to stop the very hands of time and keep her youthful and dewy…forever. Or at least until she was caught. In any case, this is more of a statue than an action figure which is, primarily what McFarlane Toys produces. But it is a meticulously crafted work of art. From the ornate textural details of the bathtub to the decadence of the arched-foot pose in the brimming tub to the candelabra and even the decapitated heads’ dour expressions. Every bit of the pop culture legend has been infused into this presentation, and it’s truly breathtaking in all its delicious dementedness.

Articulation is nil, but that’s not the point…in fact, I feel that almost matches Bathory’s temperament. She’s not going to do the work of actually, y’know…moving. You will bathe her, servant girl…literally.

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