Mattel is releasing a line of action figures called Everyday Heroes through their Fisher Price line.

Honoring essential workers under their #ThankYouHeroes, this line covers; Nurses, EMTs Doctors, Delivery Drivers and Grocery Store Workers; which is funny, because you only get the Grocery store worker if you get the special five-character ‘Little People Community Champions’ set. So yes little girl, your mom is a Whole Foods cashier who is putting her life on the line for minimum wage, but you can only get a representation of her if you get the special edition box set.

You can purchase individual figures for $20 with $15 going to the #FirstRespondersFirst initiative. I commend Mattel for giving the money to a cause that supports first responder healthcare workers, but the conception, designing, R&D, tooling, marketing, and packaging, which probably cost more than $15 should have just went to this cause in the first place. And they’re kind of putting the onus on you, the consumer, a consumer by the way who probably lost their job,and really shouldn’t be purchasing these in the first place.

Not to totally knock Mattel, after all, they did launch the Mattel Playroom, which is a free online resource for parents with activities and content for kids… and which is 100% branded with their line of toys, and some would say, a perfect marketing tool to make kids loyal to their brand. They are making face shields and cloth face masks for medical professionals. So, while some of what they’re doing could be a little cringy, they are helping our medical workers on the front line.

The designs of the figures do look great. I’m actually shocked they have elbow joints and while they’re just renders, the simplistic design shouldn’t be hard to match. And while they seem to be parts and paint swaps, the added accessories and clothing additions, do make them recognizable representations of these indispensable people who are putting their lives on the line for us every day.

If, however, you would like to donate directly to the cause and make sure all your money goes to them, I’ve left a few links below on how to do so. And I just want to make it clear, I’m not upset with Mattel, honestly, anything and everything that goes to these essential people is great and if you want to get a figure that memorializes these people, by all means do. I actually really like the Little People set and will probably pick that up.

Stay safe out there, to those that can’t stay home.



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