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Mezco has proven itself as the master of the macabre when it comes to dolls, figures and anything else you can make from plastic. Always original in their theme creation, Madame Mortuus the Misfortune Teller comes to us from their Dark Carnival line and she does not disappoint. Armed with her crystal ball and a plethora of prediction mired in gloom, Madame Mortuus is ready to help guide your way with her expert psychic intuition.

One quick turn of the lever and the concise, yet cutting, conclusion to your daily dilemmas appears before you. Madame Mortuus is more of a novelty piece than an action figure, but she’s definitely worth a look for Mezco fans, fans of anything gothic and/or vintage Carnival-flavored. She harkens back to the days of yore, where prognostication machines came in a variety of forms…there were devils, grandmothers, swamis and gypsy girls, each gifted with ‘the sight,’ and offering the promise (or possibility at least) of a better future.

Pull the stick and see

what Madame Mortuus thinks

but be warned, she’s got a touch of the cataracts

They represented hope, and Mezco takes the charm of those fortune tellers and turns it on its head, giving her sarcastic sayings that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Madame Mortuus is a raw, real-deal type of sister. She tells it like it is. Or, maybe she just doesn’t like you and tells it like she wants it to be for you…i.e. depressing and awful. Either way her pessimistic predictions are such a clever twist on a classic form of entertainment. The fact that she’s miniaturized from those huge fortune tellers of yesteryear and that she can be posed on your desk or bookshelf make her all the more appealing.,

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The Good
Awesome Sculpt Job
Interactive features uniqueness
The Not so Good
Limited amount of predictions
Paint job on window is a bit sloppy
Final Word
Fans of fortune tellers, Carnies, gypsies, psychics and old ladies will be drawn to this clever, dark take on a tried-and-true classic diversion.
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