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Imagine taking all your pain/rage/fury/TRUMPangst and scorching it onto a VHS from the 90s so that everyone who sees it can be as miserable as you.

That’s what lies at the heart of Sadako, the protagonist (some say ‘antagonist’) of ‘The Ring’ franchise. I’m inclined to disagree, as those who lack empathy must welcome the opportunity to be shown! And, really, what is a netherworldly curse other than an opportunity to learn from one’s (or one’s species’) misdeeds?

That being said, this S.H. Figuarts Sadako is an exercise in learning just how versatile an art medium action figure sculpting can be. Sadako is a totally interactive figure, able to be posed with face/without face, with legs/without legs, tangible/partially intangible and coming through your television at you! Some really inventive features here which solidify her status as a memorable cult figure SPOOK and also as a really noteworthy entry into the realm of action figures.

She’s a great tribute to a character seething with subversive rage…a rage that doesn’t bubble, but covertly slips through the cracks and crevices and waits for the moment you turn around before it drains the life out of you. A truly memorable immortalization of an iconic horror movie character.

See all the details and a special guest at the end of the video below…

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The Good
Faithful to Source Material
A lot of accessories
The Not so Good
Quality isn't all there
Hair needs to be rooted
Half ass on the TV prop
Final Word
If you're a fan of The Ring or horror movies in general, this is definitely the closest you'll get to owning a proplica from that series.
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