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Regan of the Exorcist fame is a character that inspires many reactions…shock, horror, disgust. 

But for me, this immortalized figural tribute to the beloved character (as played by Ms. Linda Blair) says one thing and one thing only…DIVA. She doesn’t give two flying figs about your religious agenda, she’s phoning it in for the day and staying in bed and if you want to make her leave, you’re going to have to work for it cuz’ she ain’t moving!

Regan emanates a treacherous power and the ease with which the motorized head eerily spins around…all to the sound of the Exorcist’s theme…helps to bring this horrifying little hellspawn to life in a way that pays tribute to all the glory of the 1973 film. You get the sense that those constraints only remain upon dear Regan’s little wrists because she allows them to. There is a sinister intensity to her that defies authority and indoctrination.

To sum it up, this figure is a demonic dish full of flavor and one any horror aficionado would be glad to own!

Watch our full video review to learn all about this Netherworldly Nymphette’s exciting features:

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If you're a fan of the Exorcist or horror movies in general, this is definitely the closest you'll get to owning a proplica from that series.
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