The Museum of Modern (MoMA) art is offering free online classes for art enthusiasts.

But they’re also covering courses for designers, photographers and even teachers. Shut down since early March, the MoMA is a wonderful museum which I highly recommend going to… eventually. But until then, they decided to give a handful of courses away for free.

Via MoMA

Now as a designer, I see art and design as two very different things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t borrow from each other. Honestly, I’m a big supporter of giving away learning material for free. Money should never be an obstacle when it comes to education. So, you should definitely check these out. And I’m sure a lot of us have the time.

You can even receive a certificate of completion if you pay the $50, and honestly, that’s not a bad thing to have when you reenter the work force. Especially, if you’re a creative trying to make it on your own, one more check mark or bullet point on your resume isn’t a bad thing.

But back to MoMA…These aren’t those boring videos HR makes you watch either. Highly produced, engaging and with a clean – easy to navigate interface, you won’t regret taking these courses.

You’ll learn directly from artists and designers through the wonderful collections the museum has to offer. Each course was designed by MoMA’s Department of Education with the collaboration of the curatorial staff. This is how you know you’re getting the full unedited experience from experts within each field.

Via MoMA

I’m currently taking Seeing Through Photographs and Fashion as Design. While my full-time work is in design, photography and videography, it’s great to see photography through another perspective and learn another side of design. And if you’re interested in free learning, because come on; The more you know!

Skillshare is another site you should definitely check out. And before you ask. Hell no this isn’t sponsored; I just really like the service. And you can usually find two month deals on getting it for free. Now, you’ll have to make sure to cancel the subscription before they charge your card, but two months is a hell of a lot of time to learn something new. It’s great for designers, writers and marketers.

Let us know what you think of the course, and are their any other sites doing the same you’d like to share?



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