Tiny but Mighty

Watching Devolver Digital’s Press Conference was a bit of fresh air and a pretty awesome opening. Following in line with Nintendo, the Devolver “Direct” just shows you don’t really need a giant stage with paid audiences to get the hype out. Playing on Video Game Press Conference tropes and memes is a great way to show off you’re still a small developer and won’t sell out to the marketing hype. Stay small – stay strong.

E3 2019
Devolver Bootleg

If you’re into the 8bit scene (and yes I’m into it) this is a great play on their games and while the devolved style of modern games is a bit played out, the whole 8 games on one “cart” is a great throwback to those bootleg nes carts that never looked right and you never knew if you were getting Super Mario Bros. or something that used to be Super Mario Bros. Devolver has a way of making tight games, that resemble that 8- and 16-bit look, so I have no worries that these games will play great.

Enter the Gungeon House of the Gundead

An interesting take for arcades, this Point Blank looking title intrigued me just because it’s a light gun game in 2019. While I’ve seen Kickstarters for new light guns that work on modern televisions, I’m interested to see if this is part of that or how well the technology will work for a starting price of just under $5,000, I’m hoping it works well.

They talk about home use as well, so I’m not sure if it’s still a cabinet, mini cabinet or home version on consoles / PC with light guns you can buy.

My Friend Pedro

A side scrolling version of Hotline Miami sounds like a great idea, but throw in a Banana that controls you? Why not. I liked Hotline Miami not just because of its 80s nostalgic style and killer soundtrack, but because of the puzzle style nature of the gameplay. Hotline Miami was a strategic puzzle game. Throw in a little bit of Super-Hot and I’m sure you’re going to have a great, stylish and fluid title on your hand.


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