Trying to fix something without understanding what really needs to be fixed.

Bethesda Just wrapped up their 2019 E3 Press Conference and man, are they just trying to throw anything at you. The conference started with an apology, needed fixes and unnecessary additions, along with some great looking trailers full of aesthetic design, but nothing to back that up.

E3 2019
Fallout 76

With the first part of the conference a sort of sorry to the players, the way they want to make up for it, seem to be just throwing the latest trends into it. A battle Royale mode just doesn’t seem to fit the design of Fallout. While I never played Fallout 76, I’m assuming the engine didn’t change much from Fallout 4, meaning the gun play probably isn’t the strongest asset of that game. While bringing back NPCs to the game is a great way to make a legit Fallout game, it kind of shows how lost that game was.

Elder Scrolls: Blades

The same goes for Elder Scrolls: Blades, with the announcement of it coming to Switch, the game was always designed for touch devices, not a system with controllers. The whole portion with Blades seemed like an afterthought, and I really have no idea why it was in the opening, other than it’s their latest and greatest in their mobile initiative.

GhostWire Tokyo

The trailer for GhostWire seems interesting, but it was just a CGI Trailer. What is the gameplay, the story, the mechanic? With Shinji Mikami behind it, I’m sure it will have a great – spooky – atmosphere, but I wish they showed more.

Doom Eternal

The Doom trailer was a spotlight at this conference. What makes Doom so great isn’t the ultra-violent gameplay but the mechanics, the design and yes – the ultra-violent gameplay. Just look at Doom 3, while technically impressive, it wasn’t a Doom game, this was a classic form over function. Doom 3 was a masterpiece as a graphical powerhouse, but it didn’t play like a Doom game. The rebooted Doom, while perhaps not as impressive as the milestones of 3, is a shining example of how to design for a specific game.



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