Today we would like to discuss the news following LinkedIn and its new test in Brazil. We’ve all heard of stories. No, I’m not talking about the bedtime stories or the fairy tales that you hear from Mom and Dad. I’m talking about Social Media stories.

What are LinkedIn stories you ask? The circles and icons you see at the top of your dashboard when you log onto your phone…it’s a trending feature and every major platform’s using it. This isn’t to be confused with Tik Tok’s interface, this is its own separate situation here.

Stories are what you see on Instagram and Facebook. The feature originated on Instagram before later being added to Facebook. This is nothing to be surprised about because Facebook owns Instagram and vice-versa.

So now you’re wondering, what’s the point of talking about stories, why am I bringing this up? Well like I said from the beginning, LinkedIn’s newest test in Brazil is bringing LinkedIn stories to the platform.

Now if you’re taking your first glance, you’ll notice that LinkedIn stories look much the same as they do on Facebook and Instagram. For those in Brazil, when you log in using your mobile device, you’ll immediately notice the story bar along the top of the screen along with various stickers and tools available to decorate your stories much like Instagram and Facebook.

Here are some key points to take note of:

  • At launch, story creations will only be available on mobile.
  • The maximum length of a video in a story can only be 20 seconds.
  • Much like Facebook and Instagram stories. Stories will last for 24 hours, but of course the user will be able to save their individual story frames.
  • Users will be able to share their stories directly with other LinkedIn members as well as share other people’s stories via messenger
  • Upon viewing someone’s story you will be able to direct message them, although you will not be able to direct message company pages from stories in the feature’s initial launch.
  • Users will also be able to control what profile information to display in their stories through their settings

All this makes sense, although there is also a lot of criticism swirling around LinkedIn stories, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s trending right now and what broadens engagement on social media platforms. Countless data has shown that social media users are communicating more often on story feeds as opposed to the traditional news feeds.

Much like how digital marketing works, there’s an ever-evolving trend that continues to change. It’s clear that the audience and the social media users are using stories over the traditional methods.

Now believe me, I don’t believe that everyone is like GaryVee, but if you’re looking at anyone or looking for anyone that has used the story engagement platform as a way to leverage his or her business, I would start by looking there.

Not only does he have all his videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. GaryVee has learned and evolved with the constant change in social media up to today and has possibly used stories and videos to his greatest advantage in growing his channels.

I think if you have criticism behind LinkedIn stories I’m sure someone like GaryVee would tell you otherwise because as soon as LinkedIn stories are out in the U.S. I’m sure he’s going to be right on top of it with his creative genius.

It’s a little hard to think about stories in a more traditional business atmosphere but I’m sure that we can move away from the little Tik Toks, funny Instagram stories and Facebook Stories in order to become more professional when it comes to sharing *our* stories through LinkedIn.

Matthew Orozco

Matthew Orozco

I am a Digital Marketer with 5+ year experience in many different industries. During my free time I stream on Twitch.tv/chubmastaunk and play games such as League of Legends, Hunt: Showdown, Torchlight, and others. Feel free to stop by my stream anytime, say hello or drop a follow! I hope to hear from you all whether it pertains to marketing or video games! Oh and I love anime so I can go on for hours about that as well.

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