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Mice, they’re an essential part of your computer usage. Whether it be work, play or something in between the quality of your mouse can either enhance, or hinder your experience.

~This is DesignerTech~

I’m a designer that does most of my work through programs, I also play a lot of games so I really care about my mouse but not to the extent of needing to know the DPI or adding adjustable weights. If you’re looking for that kind of review, this isn’t it. Instead, I look for a few things…


Is it comfortable

If i'm working for hours, I don't want my hand to cramp up

Does the form and function equal out?

I don't care if it has the most tech or looks like something out of Mass Effect

Is it easy to use

Mice are plug and play, understanding them should be just as simple

~The Mice~

The devices listed below were all meant to be work horses with gaming in mind. While prices vary usually around the $50 price point and up, they’re not labeled gaming mice (With the exception of the Razor) and in terms of styling, they’re all low profile.







Razer Orochi Elite

Bluetooth 2.0
USB 2.0

Detachable braided cord
12 Ounce
10 ft connection
Requires software for features


2 AA batteries


Apple Magic Mouse


Gestures surface
33 ft connection
10.4 Ounce

1 Physical
∞ Simulated

2 AA batteries


Amazon Basic

USB 2.0

0.3 Ounce


USB powered


Logitech Anywhere MX

USB Unifying

Works on any surface
Tilt wheel
32 ft connection
2.7 Ounce


2 AA batteries


Logitech Performance MX

USB Unifying

Works on any surface
Tilt wheel
32 ft connection
5.1 Ounce


1 AA Rechargeable


Logitech MX Master

USB Unifying

Bluetooth Smart

Works on any surface
Thumb wheel
Gesture control
Smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel
Pair up to 3 devices
Required software for features
32 ft connection
2.7 Ounce


Rechargeable Li-Po
(500 mAh) battery


Honestly, this is 2016 and a mousepad should be something we just don’t need anymore. Darkfield tracking is the choice for me, corded mice are a thing of the past and laser just feels like old news.

~The Cut~

While the Apple mouse wins for the most tech, it’s not the best tech for what it is. Yes it’s a physical mouse with multi and gesture touch, but this is a show piece and not meant for long hours of work or gaming. Other than the sturdy build quality and Bluetooth connection, there’s not much else going for it. I only own this because it came with the iMac I purchased. It’ll hurt your hand. A touch pad is no replacement for physical buttons and while the new version has a cord with rechargeable batteries, this version just uses AA and no cord.

The Razor is a decent mouse, but that’s all it is. In terms of regular everyday mice, you’re really not going to notice a difference. Sure the added cord is nice, but it doesn’t recharge and out of all the mice this one feels the cheapest. While it’s plug and play and seems to work fine, the bullet points of this mice require software to be downloaded to unlock them. For the price, you’re better off getting a way cheaper off brand mouse or one of these MX mice for a little bit more. It seems like you’re paying for the name more than what the mouse can do.

So, the Anywhere is actually my second and that’s because it suffers from double clicking and the one I replaced it with does the same thing. So two mice, of the same model, did the same thing. I’m not sure if they’re defective or I’m unlucky, I just can’t recommend this. It’s also a little too small, far better than the apple or razor mouse, but I have to say goodbye since both kind of glitched out within 6 months. However, if you just need a good mouse, this is the best in terms of price and function. It doesn’t recharge but if you forgo the warning about double clicking it’s a great work horse.

The Amazon Basic is a great little mouse. It has no features, it doesn’t do anything better then the mice listed above, but it’s the lowest tech and probably the least likely to have something go wrong with it. Yes it’s corded, yes it’s optical and it just has three buttons with a wheel, but it’ll work on anything, including a playstation 2. No matter what mouse you get, this is an essential backup to have.

Which Leaves Interestingly Enough The Two MX Mice
So what’s the difference?

The Performance MX, the button placements are perfect. The fluid scroll to click wheel is a great addition, the thumb buttons feel great. If you have smaller hands it may be a bit big but I never got tired it never hurt and with the way you rest your palm, the buttons aren’t too far or to close which means no stress on your joints. With some mice you have to get used to the button placements, however with the performance MX, you don‘t.

It has an abundance of buttons but they’re all placed smartly. Instead of a giant keypad, each button is placed where your fingers would naturally go, but unlike a touch surface, the buttons are tactile and need some pressure to click. They’re all programmable as well, no software other than the mapping software built into your computer.

And while I love it, it does have a few flaws, for one, the battery, it is garbage. It doesn’t last long and while it’s replaceable and rechargeable, you’re going to use that cord a lot. Also, it still uses a dongle, and while my desktop has more than enough usb ports, certain laptops are forgoing USB all together or you’re just using the port for something else and don’t want to get a hub. A Bluetooth version would have been great. Also while the specs say same weight as the master, this is much heavier.

The MX Master, fixes those three issues, Logitech boasts over a month worth of battery life and it kind of has that, while it still comes with a USB dongle, it’s optional as this version comes with Bluetooth and it is much lighter than the Performance. Besides those upgrades, gone is the tilt wheel in favor of a thumb scroll and while it still has the button for fluid motion, if you accelerate the scroll wheel it will turn over into the fluid motion. It also feels better, not in the way you hold it, but the texture, the pattern where you rest your thumb feels great, this may be just me, but I never thought texture could play a big part on how I like a mouse. While also sporting a sort of gesture control with the lip button, you need software to map what you want it to do and you have to press while moving the mouse to execute.

Unfortunately, the two thumb buttons are sharp, behind the wheel making it uncomfortably awkward when moving your thumb joints. Compared to the original MX, this is a tragedy. I just don’t understand why they didn’t move the forward button to the lip of the scroll wheel so you can hit forward with the tip of your thumb and the back with the back of your thumb.

While it supports Bluetooth, it supports a newer version of Bluetooth that’s not really explained well. While it works with my 2012 iMac and 2015 Dell Laptop, the Bluetooth receiver I have on my desktop can’t find the device. So depending on how old your hardware is, it may not work. While you can use the receiver if that’s the case, you can see my comment above on how I feel about receivers. Also while the battery is much improved its really not replaceable. You have to physically take apart your mouse like a laptop to get to the battery and it’s not a standard AA rechargeable. Over time batteries lose there charge. What’s at 100% fully charged can be at 70% fully charged in a few years or months. This inevitably gives the Master a shelf-life due to the battery. Unless you’re comfortable with taking apart a mouse, I personally really don’t want to.

So the winner, the best mouse out of them all, in my case anyway is the MX Performance mouse. All around form and function don’t compete and while it lacks in some features, it out Preforms the competition and even its predecessor. 

Logitech MX Performance
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It feels good in my hand
Darkfield technology is a godsend
The rechargeable battery and cord is a great addition
The button placements are perfect
It’s not that expensive for its market
Its dongle only and while the new Logitech software lets you link any dongle to any device, come on… come on
The battery does not last long
If you like using your left hand for mice control you can GTFO
If you have small hands you can also GTFO
It can feel heavy
Final Word
In all, the MX performance is the perfect design of form and function for your everyday needs. I use it for work, I use it for gaming, and I use it for browsing YouTube on my couch. And seeing that it’s usually pretty cheap, it’s worth picking up. You will never go back to using anything else.
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