Menu design is harder than you think…

We know, your recipes are your most treasured offerings. And you want to entice people into trying them. However, culinary creation is a form of art and art should speak for itself. Menu descriptions should be just that, descriptive without treading into novel-world or fluff-land. So here are the 5 things you should avoid in writing up memorable menu descriptions.

Keep It Simple

Avoid pretentious terms which both customers and critics alike find exhausting. Phrases like ‘nestled on,’ ‘medley of,’ ‘essence of’ and ‘textures of’ do less to whet the appetite than simply focusing on the food.

Descriptions Not Dossiers

List no more than five ingredients in a dish…you don’t need to tell everyone your asparagus’ backstory even if your angle is farm-to-table or freshness above all. Focus on the core of a dish, treat it as its own masterpiece, not a detailed breakdown of its components.

Print the Price

Ensure you’ve clearly listed prices of dishes, ordering a dish only to find that it’s way beyond your budget is the kind of unpleasant surprise your customers want to avoid.

Reject Redundancies

This can be hard because we all do it, but terms like ‘pan-fried,’ ‘oven-baked,’ etc. come off redundant. Imagine if someone described a dish as ‘grill-grilled.’ It just sounds unnecessary.

Bring The Bling

If you really want to drive prospective customers attention to a specific dish, don’t be afraid to experiment with an eye-catching graphic, box or splash of different color. This draws the eye way more than flowery descriptions that go on for too long.

With these tips, you’re sure to be able to write a menu that’ll leave your customers eager to try ever dish and then come back for more!

Miranda Selene

Writer with Communications and Marketing background I’ve worked throughout my professional career to hone my writing ability into a versatile tool that can convey a varied spectrum of messages, information and exceptional content. I take every step to ensure the finished product is a perfect reflection of your company or brand’s needs.

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