While I think people can learn to do anything, I do feel being a great designer, a musician, a poet… is something you really can’t learn. It has to be in you, something you already have which needs to be brought out and nurtured. You just go to school, learn from someone else or practice to open up that side of you.

That said, you can learn programs and be a great technical designer. Something great and unique in its own right. So, today I wanted to share with you some designers and teachers who do wonderful breakdown, tutorial and explainer videos on YouTube. If you’re a designer, photographer, or someone just wanting to learn a new program, these individuals are a great resource for that information.


While this YouTuber hasn’t updated in a while, his Instagram page does seem to be active. But what I like most about him, is he’s not a one program channel. He breaks down individual applications and even mixes them. Something other channels don’t really do but something that is totally necessary in real world experiences. One of the most important things in the design pro world is knowing how all the adobe suite programs talk to each other.

He’s also great because his videos aren’t extremely long, he teaches on a micro level not hour-long master classes. Although he does have long form videos, his attitude and content make it a pleasure to watch and learn from.


He covers a broad array of video styles, from breaking down his process and tutorial videos to silent full process chill videos. He mostly covers Photoshop and goes deep into manipulation videos. For us English speakers he does have English subtitles, and he is very thorough during the tutorial videos.

I’d say he is for the more semi-pro/professional user as he has a quicker cadence to his videos than others. It may be a bit hard to stay up with him if you’re a novice of the program, but this YouTuber is definitely a master of photo manipulation and Photoshop.


Fist of all, I would like to say he is the most energetic – happy – delightful person, I’ve ever watched on YouTube and – the hair – the hair is always on point. I wish I had hair like that! But let’s get back to his channel.

His videos are more Photoshop focused that vary from 5-minute tips to 20+ minute deep dive tutorial and explainer videos. What I like about this YouTuber the most is that he explains why he’s doing what he’s doing. His tutorials are high quality, very clear and easy to follow. He has the gift of creating videos for professional level users but breaking down the process enough for novice users to follow.

Definitely give his channel a follow if you want to master Photoshop techniques, but also learn the program.


While a newer contender to the YouTuber world, you’ve probably seen his work on your Instagram feed. While more a photography tutorial channel, he does use photoshop heavily and shows you different techniques you normally wouldn’t use.

I love his Instagram break down posts where he shows the final product, the raw unprocessed shot and snapshots of the process. The YouTube channel kind of breaks that all down for you in a longer form and that’s why it’s so invaluable for you to follow and learn from him.

I’ve always believed in sharing not competing. And While we all have to put food on our plate somehow, I’m truly appreciative of these individuals for sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world. If you know someone who has a great YouTube channel or someone just starting out, make sure to share and comment below. And if you like this post, check out more below or visit designercore.com



Since 2000, I have collaborated with clients on brand identity, content creation, high-level executive presentations and photography for corporate profiles, lifestyle, architectural and real estate. I’ve freelanced for multiple high-profile, technology and enthusiasts news blogs, with expertise in brochure, presentation and infographic material for high-level pharmaceutical executives in addition to RFP, advertisements, web and social design for multiple construction firms. I have advised on marketing tactics for nonprofit organizations and collaborated with alternative healthcare and lifestyle coaches on social content creation.

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