You’re book is done, out in the public, but you don’t know how to successfully promote it…. Yet.

You have a passion for writing, or maybe, you just have a story to tell or a deep yearning to successfully inform others about some area of interest to you. Whatever the case may be, your efforts have finally come to fruition and you’ve got a book of your own floating around out there. The only problem is, no one seems to be reading it. So, now what? Self-promotion! That’s what!

Here are ten sure-fire ways to ensure your literary magnus opus is widely-circulated and seen by all the right people.

01: Join & Self-Promote Through Author Groups

You’ll find TONS of author groups on social media outlets like Facebook. The trick isn’t to spam them with seedy “BUY MY BOOK” messages, but instead to interact, build a bit of a solid rep (go after that TOP FAN badge) and occasionally, share certain tidbits or passages from your book. There may also be other author friends working in the same genre as you who you’ll find would be willing to agree to a mutual sharing of one another’s works to their own social media followers and mailing lists. NETWORK! You’ll successfully grow an audiance.

02: Maximize Your Categories!

You’ll definitely want to adapt your book into a kindle ebook format if you haven’t already because, a) it’s better for the environment and b) it’s basically the way of the future when it comes to books. Just being featured in the kindle store adds to your exposure, but did you know there’s also a way to get listed in more than just the two standard categories? By adding the appropriate keywords, Amazon’s algorithm will often just automatically include you in said categories (i.e., comedy, romance for a romantic comedy that’s also featured in drama and supernatural). You can also reach out to Amazon support and they’ll usually accommodate your request to be listed in additional categories.

03: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

To be brutally honest, if you want to secure visibility and a solid ranking, you’ll have to have a significantly high review count. Often, organic reviews take more time to drip in slowly, so if you’re interested in really maximizing your visibility (and, subsequently your self-promotion efforts), you may need to be a bit more pro-active in acquiring reviews. This doesn’t mean you have to be seedy about it, but submitting excerpts to subscribers on your mailing list to garner interest and offering giveaways or promotions can increase your odds. If you really don’t want to wait, you can always submit to services like Discovery where you can pay to submit your book to a network of vetted reviewers.

04: Research Your Competition

Reconnaissance is always a smart strategy, no matter what field you’re in. Taking a look at other successful authors with works similar to yours who have significant followings can be a wonderful way to implement a unique plan to promote yourself in a way that works for you. Look at their websites, take note of any promotions they’re offering on their social media profiles, observe which platforms they are on and how they engage with their publics. If the formula works for them, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you too…with whatever tweaks you may need to make.

05: Guest Posts

Blogging is still a very popular medium to get one’s thoughts across and Successfully self-promote whatever your project may be. If you have a topic related to your work, see if there are any blogs or sites out there with similar themes, reach out and see if they are looking for any guest posts and if they are, offer to write a couple. Try to plug your book in your author bio and in your post if it relates to the subject and the blog owner is okay with it. Always ask permission! You don’t want to seem tacky or shameless.

06: Consider Podcasting

Podcasts are increasingly popular and are listened to by millions of people all around the world, so, it stands to reason that if your goal is self-promotion, podcasts would be a smart medium to pursue. Think about creating your own podcast or offering short stories or snippets related to your book and always refer them back to wherever they can find and purchase said book. Spreaker is a great, easy site that can help you get started. If creating your own podcast seems too daunting, see if there are any podcasts related to your book’s genre who would be interested in interviewing you or discussing your book.

07: Get Yourself On Every Platform; Update Frequently!

Make an author page on FB and Goodreads, submit snippets and related content to your book on every website you can think of: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Use a site like Hootsuite to easily manage scheduled posts and keep your audience engaged.

08: Make Videos!

People love visual entertainment. They also have shorter attention spans than ever before, so the key to mastering self-promotion by way of making videos is…keeping it short and sweet. Make a YouTube account, make a TikTok account, then make funny or otherwise engaging videos and share them as you would any other post. Encourage viewers to participate by hosting contests like: “whoever acts out a scene from my book gets a free advance copy of my second,” or something similar. If you do this, you’ll successfully grow your social platforms.

09: Make Your Book Your Calling Card

Literally…by including a link to your book in your email footer/signature and putting a link on any social media profiles you have. Make your name synonymous with your work and be sure to include it in any author biographies you’re asked to fill in on any of the aforementioned sites, drop a link to your latest book on your Instagram profile, make it your Facebook headline/cover picture. Really maximize visibility of who you are and what you’re doing. If successfully done, your name and book title will be in everyone’s mind.

10: Join Book Promotion Services

These sites have been cited by numerous authors as being the best way to get their books promoted.

I hope you enjoyed this brief list of the top 10 ways to self-promote your book, be sure to let us know in the comments which methods have worked for you, which haven’t and which you’re not sure about. Like, subscribe, and share and, until next time, keep your nose in a book and your eyes on the prize!

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